Training Academy

The world's first training academy for the mission critical sector.

Designed as an enterprise-wide solution our online Training Academy can reduce per-person training costs and provide continuing professional development for your entire workforce at a country, region or even global level.

As well as the obvious benefits of up skilling your employees, access to education can help you attract and retain your best talent. The entire engagement is managed through an online management system that provides unlimited access to our comprehensive training library.

Skills Assesment

Our tool highlights knowledge gaps and suggests training pathways.

Learning activities are underpinned by an online Skills Assessment Tool that can help highlight an individual’s knowledge gaps and then suggests relevant training pathways.

Working with you, we will complete a gap analysis to refine your employees’ training needs. Our dedicated Skills Assessment Tool will help you understand the current skill levels of your employees, enabling you to make informed decisions about your corporate training requirements.

About DCPro

The market leader in independent, vendor neutral data center training solutions.

From industry-certified courses to customized technology training, including in-house developed courses, you can choose from the very latest data center learning and development courses. Courses are developed and managed through the industry’s first online Training Academy hosted on our Learning Management System.

With an integrated support infrastructure that extends across the globe, led by highly qualified, vendor-certified instructors with technical expertise, linguistic proficiency and extensive hands-on experience. We can devise and scale up training solutions as quickly as your business can take on new staff, embrace new applications or develop new disciplines.