How can I continue my career development and earn Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) from reputable accreditation bodies in order to enhance my career prospects?

We have structured our courses around a pioneering Career Progression Framework. Each of our classroom and online courses are endorsed by global accreditation bodies allowing you to earn Professional Development Hours for your study. Gain an internationally recognised industry specific credential.

Study at your own pace - most Data Center Specialists complete the framework over 2 years. If you choose to complete the framework, you can promote your new skills by using the Data Center Specialist logo on your business stationery. Accredited training increases your employment prospects - employees with professional training can earn up to 18% more than their peers.

How can I standardize and scale my learning and development programs in a more cost-effective way across a distributed workforce?

We have combined our cutting edge Skills Assessment app with over 150 hours of online content developed by industry experts and our new Data Center Health & Safety program onto one of the industry’s leading Learning Management Systems. This is the world’s first Training Academy for the global data center industry that can be delivered at scale on a SaaS pricing model.

Start by benchmarking your workforce, then deliver tailored training plans and manage their progress with bespoke reporting and powerful management tools. You can customize the portal with your own branding demonstrating to your clients (internal and external) your commitment to operational excellence.

How do I keep up with constantly evolving best practice and acquire news skills in a fast-paced industry?

Whether you're a seasoned data center professional or you're just starting out, professional development is vital to keep your skills up-to-date and to know what new skills you will need to acquire on your journey. All our courses are developed around an internationally recognized Career Progression Framework that provides a structured pathway for learning throughout your career.

Flexible training solutions allow you to learn at your own pace. Through a combination of blended, classroom and online courses, follow a track that's the most relevant to your career whilst allowing you to easily integrate new areas of expertise along the way. With the right time investment you could become a specialist in your field.