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Data Center Cooling Fundamentals Part 1

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Course Outline

Develop a holistic approach to solving cooling issues in today's mission critical facilities. While a reliable and high quality power supply is a top priority for data centers, the ability to provide effective and efficient cooling to a facility is equally important. This course covers design, function and integration of air and liquid datacom cooling systems and discusses how commissioning is paramount to a proper functioning facility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize how each type of datacom IT equipment affects facility load
  • Estimate the overall heat load when provided with all necessary variables
  • Recognize the importance of each of 5 design considerations for data center cooling systems
  • Identify the types of chillers and condensers
  • Recognize basic design and operation elements for each piece of facility equipment
  • Recognize the important piping design considerations for facility and data center integration
  • Recognize the benefits and concerns of vertical under floor and vertical overhead delivery methods
  • Recognize the importance of the chiller plant in air cooling rooms
  • Identify the key elements to consider when selecting air cooling systems
  • List the key properties and usage considerations of water, Fluorocarbons and Refrigerants
  • Identify why and when liquid cooling is a superior option to air cooling
  • Indicate the basic cost considerations and test objectives for each of the 5 commissioning levels

Who Should Attend

  • Students of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Data Center Facilities and Operations Personnel
  • Equipment Vendors and Contractors
  • Professional Engineers

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