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Data Center Cooling Fundamentals Part 2

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Course Outline

Learn from key case studies that provide real world applications of materials taught in Cooling Fundamentals Part 1 and 2.  This course covers a range of design solutions for datacom liquid cooling systems - including utilizing waterside and airside economizers, CDU usage and rack level liquid cooling.

Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate between the liquid cooling configurations at both the rack and equipment levels
  • Recognize the advantages of a liquid cooled system configured with a CDU
  • Indicate the operational requirements for facilities providing coolant to datacom equipment
  • Recognize the impact of proper piping design specific to each CDU configuration
  • Identify the causes and effects that arise from water quality issues within facility piping
  • Recognize the key metrics required to accurately design and manage a data center white space
  • Identify how specific technologies are utilized when given varying design scenarios
  • Recognize the key design differences when planning a data center utilizing CRAC cooling, in-row cooling, water cooling and economizer cooling
  • Define the 3 types of economizers
  • Identify the application regions of the ASHRAE psychometric chart for airside economizers

Who Should Attend

  • Students of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Data Center Facilities and Operations Personnel
  • Equipment Vendors and Contractors
  • Professional Engineers

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