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Data Center Cooling

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Understand the best practices used when installing and operating a facility’s cooling system. While a reliable and high quality supply of electrical power is a top priority for data centers, the ability to provide effective and efficient cooling to a facility is equally important. Higher equipment densities and increasing loads are creating significant cooling issues that require a holistic approach to solve.

Learning Outcomes

  • Indicate data center cooling methods and processes that are supported by air or liquid cooling
  • Identify how to properly use the ASHRAE TC9.9 Psychometric Chart
  • Define and describe technologies and equipment utilized inside and outside of the Datacom facility
  • Indicate the function of an economizer design within a data center
  • Identify the function of each component in the HVAC cooling loop

Who Should Attend

  • Students of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Data Center Facilities and Operations Personnel
  • Equipment vendors and contractors
  • Professional engineers


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