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Data Center Efficiency

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Course Outline

Learn the best practices and methods used to increase efficiency in today’s high density Datacom facilities. Unstable energy prices coupled with growing power densities and energy use in the Datacom environment has sparked new interest in energy efficiency. Industry professionals must begin to adopt sustainable practices within their data centers in order to quell rising facility operation costs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define PUE and DCiE and indicate how an improved PUE can be achieved
  • Explain the purpose of the psychometric chart and demonstrate its effective usage
  • Assess a data center’s design and layout and indicate alternative solutions based on the industry’s best practices
  • Discuss CRAC and CRAH efficiency considerations
  • Identify the causes of data center and facility inefficiencies
  • Indicate the purpose of both water side and air side economizers and their role in increasing data center efficiency

Who Should Attend

  • Students of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Data Center Facilities and Operations Personnel
  • Equipment vendors and contractors
  • Professional engineers

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