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Data Center Energy Practitioner (Specialist)

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Course Outline

Learn how to use the US Department of Energy's DC Pro System Assessment Tool
Level 2 Practitioners (Specialists) will be expected to address energy opportunities within the data center using an in-depth DC Pro System Assessment Tool. Have your skills recognized as a Data Center Energy Practitioner on the US Department of Energy website.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities in data centers
  • Understand and apply the DOE's DC Pro software tool suite
  • Address energy opportunities in electrical systems, air management, HVAC and IT equipment
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Who Should Attend

  • Data Center Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Network Manager
  • M&E Consultant
  • Electrical Engineer
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Building Contractor
  • Property Developer

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