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Fuel System Design and Maintenance

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Course Outline

Discuss fuel oil maintenance, design of fuel systems, storage and testing and the appropriate application of standards and codes. Fuel quality is critical to generator performance. Proper maintenance of fuel oil systems assures quality fuel integrity, thereby optimizing the reliability, service life and performance of the engine generator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of installation and operation of aboveground and underground bulk storage tanks
  • Identify the codes and standards that apply directly to bulk storage tanks
  • Indicate the appropriate installation, configuration and operation procedures and practices for each storage tank type
  • Recognize the importance of the day tank and state the key steps required to establish a quality system that maximises reliability
  • Describe the Diesel Fuel Quality Assurance Program and recognize the process that fuel must undergo to ensure diesel storage and operations standards are met

Who Should Attend

  • Students of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Data Center Facilities and Operations Personnel
  • Equipment vendors and contractors
  • Professional engineers

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