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Data Center Computing Professional

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Course Outline

Develop the skills necessary to operate within a live, mission critical environment. This Specialist level course will provide a detailed understanding of the impact of computing on the data center, as well as the knowledge of how to implement proper architectures and equipment to complement the rest of the data center.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key stakeholders that should be involved in any IT or Network project, and key factors that should be considered
  • Understand the impact of virtualization, grid computing, cloud computing, high-performance computers and software-defined data centers
  • Identify pros and cons of the different computing strategies related to storage hierarchy, network fabric, power usage, latency, bandwidth and capacity
  • Be aware of the latest computing trends in critical areas such as resource management, security, energy consumption, ethics and complex systems
  • Distribute computing resources as efficiently as possible while meeting business needs through enforcing service level agreements (SLAs)
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Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in the management of a data center/computer room or the exploration, design or build phase of a new project, including:

  • IT Manager
  • Network Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Enterprise Application Developer
  • System Engineer/System Architect

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  • Datacom Environment Master

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  • Data Center Specialist – Design

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